TUFA Climbing products are crafted from premium materials, chosen for their technical and aesthetic attributes.  The fabrics and hardware applied in our designs represent the cutting edge and are sourced worldwide.
Dimension Polyant fabrics are at the core of TUFA products.  Made in America and originally designed for high-performance racing sails, X-Pac ripstop fabrics cross over perfectly into the climbing world offering an incredible balance of lightweight, durable and waterproof qualities.
VX-21 Fabric Colors
VX-21 | VX-21 is the lightest fabric of the X-Pac series that we use for our equipment. . A three-layer lamination consisting of a 200 denier nylon face, Dacron ripstop, and taffeta backing with Hydro State waterproof construction technology.  These qualities provide an ideal balance of weight and durability for mountain sports.
VX-42 Fabric Colors
VX-42 | The ballistic version of X-Pac, with a tight 400 denier fabric face and a heavier taffeta backing.  Ideal fabric for those looking to haul or otherwise abuse their pack regularly. 
TUFA Climbing Limited Edition
LS-42 | Lite-Skin 42 is a waterproof lamination of 400d nylon with non-woven polyester fibers and a fine coating.  The poly fibers are primarily aesthetic.  Limited Edition
X-50 | Black Multicam X-50 is a waterproof lamination of 500d nylon, Dacron ripstop, and polyester resin.  This incredibly abrasion-resistant fabric is perfect for those looking for a ballistic option.  Limited Edition
Beeswaxed Cotton Canvas | For the 'Riverstone Waxed Canvas Collection' we looked for the finest American-made waxed canvas.  Our search led us to a small textile shop in Texas that specializes in hand-waxing cotton canvas with natural beeswax. -  A.L. Frances Textiles Limited Edition

"Waxed fabric is beautifully imperfect. Waxing fabric creates a naturally rugged, sturdy and durable fabric that has a "lived in look". No matter what style, fabric or color you choose, each piece is waxed in-house by hand with locally sourced beeswax from Texas. Your fabric will have a delightful subtle honey scent." 


*If you have any questions regarding materials please send us a message.