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Technical American-Made Textiles


X-Pac Ripstop Fabrics

Originally designed for high-performance racing sails, X-Pac ripstop fabrics cross over perfectly into the climbing world offering an incredible balance of lightweight, durable and waterproof qualities.  



1000d Cordura is a classic American made textile, revered for its durability and loved for its brilliant colors.


DX-40 Sailcloth

DX-40 uses a proprietary sailcloth weave of HMPE fiber blended with polyester to create a super tear and abrasion resistant, waterproof fabric for those wanting top level performance and longevity.

Limited Edition KILO Chalk Bucket


Simple & ergonomic form

The KILO stands on its own, with a round base and a wide opening.  Three elastic loops hold your brushes securely and a large pocket offers clean store for your other bouldering paraphernalia.


Al Frances Textile x TUFA

Built from American-made waxed canvas, paired with premium YKK zippers and hardware.

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Chalk-tight roll top closure

The KILO is a bomb-proof vessel, designed to keep your chalk exactly where you want it with a simple and secure roll top closure.