D4 MiniMe Portaledge

D4 MiniMe Portaledge

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9/2/19 - Carbon Fiber version sold out for good.  We're exploring an aluminum version, no ETA.


The D4 MiniMe is an ultralight, self-assembling portaledge, perfect for lounging on long belays and positioning for photoshoots.  Built with an elasticized carbon fibre frame, patent-pending D4 Bullet Joiners™, VX-42 fabric bed, and a herringbone webbing suspension; the MiniMe self-deploys when dropped from its haul bag.  In under a minute a stable and comfortable ledge is at your convenience.



  • Curved corners - stronger and lighter frame
  • Hybrid diameter tubing - stronger joints
  • Unitized frame & patent-pending Bullet Joiners™ - compact and easy assembly 
  • Machine screws through aluminum reinforcement rings - tensional support
  • Adjustable metal cam buckles
  • Ambidextrous set-up - no "air side" or "wall side"


deployed: 20" x 31", packed: 9" x 20"


1.15 kg, 2 lbs 9 oz 

Handmade in USA


This is not a load-rated product.  This is not a load-bearing system, you must ALWAYS remain tied into your climbing system anchor.  Serious injury or death may occur while using this product.  Use at your own risk.