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Materials x Craftsmanship
We take pride in using our hands to craft bags that excel in the mountains.
When it comes to materials, we use only the finest fabrics, hardware, zippers, and webbing.
YKK Zippers

YKK Fastening

Renowned world-wide for their impeccable quality, YKK Zippers are a key component in our designs.  All of our X-Pac bags feature a water-repellent YKK Aquaguard Matte Zipper and Slider for weather protection and a clean exterior.  Made in USA.

Ultra 400TX
Challenge Sailcloth 
Dimension Polyant 
Dimension Polyant laminate sailcloths are at the core of our product line.  Originally designed for high-performance racing sails, X-Pac ripstop fabrics cross over perfectly into the climbing world offering an incredible balance of lightweight, durable and waterproof qualities.  Made in USA
VX-21 - 6.0 oz/yd²
  • C6 DWR 210d Nylon Face
  • Dacron X-Ply
  • 0.25mm PET Film
  • 50D Taffeta Backing
VX-42 - 8.4 oz/yd²
  • C6 DWR 420d Nylon Face
  • Dacron X-Ply
  • 0.25mm PET Film
  • 50D Taffeta Backing
X-50 9.3 oz/yd²
  • C6 DWR 500d Nylon Face
  • Dacron X-Ply
  • 0.25mm PET Film
  • PU Coating
DX-40 - 6.7 oz/yd²
  • Ultra-PE / Poly Blend
  • Ultra-PE Ripstop
  • Dacron X-Ply
  • 50D Taffeta Backing
CIRE Finish - Dimension Polyant's unique CIRE finish nearly doubles the abrasion resistance of woven face fabrics without any weight penalty.  The process applies heat and pressure to the face fabric which tightens the yarns and extrudes a wax, giving the fabric a "wet look".