KILO Chalk Bucket - Riverstone Collection - Limited Edition

KILO Chalk Bucket - Riverstone Collection - Limited Edition

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Riverstone Collection | Handcrafted with natural beeswaxed cotton canvas from A.L. Frances.  More beautiful as it ages, this waxed canvas gains an incredibly unique texture, similar to leather but with an eco-friendly footprint.  


The Kilo Chalk Bucket is a bomb-proof vessel, designed to keep your chalk exactly where you want with a secure dry bag closure.  The Kilo stands on its own, with a round base, and a wide opening. Three elastic loops hold your brushes securely and a large side pocket offers clean storage for your other bouldering paraphernalia. Built with American-made waxed canvas and YKK hardware, this bag was built to last.


  • Round stable base
  • Tapered body with wide opening
  • Chalk-tight rolltop closure
  • Large zippered pocket (fits smartphone+ with case)
  • Three elastic brush loops
  • Centered opening tabs


2 liters , 8 blocks of chalk

Made in America

Limited Edition